Series 2000 gaskets


The TOPOG-E® branded SERIES 2000 gasket is engineered to complement and extend the Topog-E product line.


It provides a cost effective and technically superior sealing alternative to other high pressure boiler gaskets including spiral wound, tacky-cloth and expanded PTFE gaskets in applications where operating pressures and temperatures exceed the service capabilities of TOPOG-E® SERIES 180 products.



•  The industry's most trusted brand

•  High pressure and temperature resistance

•  Suitable for worn and pitted flanges

•  Exceptional thermal stability and chemical inertness

•  Superior recovery characteristics

•  Significantly lighter and more durable than spiral wound  


•  Renowned for ease of removal and replacement

•  Sizes clearly engraved on each gasket.


Service: Steam pressure vessels up to 2,000 psi (138 bar) and 636° F (336° C)


Material: Reinforced layers of exfoliated graphite foil


Topog-E® Series 2000 gaskets are currently only available in North & South America and Canada




Steam pressure vessels

Hot water heaters


Steam humidifiers

Dryer cans in paper mills

Refrigeration units

Filtering units

Liquid treatment vessels

Compressed air tanks

Water purifiers

Water towers

Water softeners


Make-up tanks